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Visit Escala Shoes for exclusive access to the newest and most exciting shoes, boots and accessories from the fashion capitals of Europe. Beautiful designs. Superb craftsmanship. Fabulous detail. Styles that last and last. And Escala offers shoes for every need–celebrations, corporate, casual, comfort.

When it comes to fashion, in Berlin, the buzzword is creativity.


Pushing the boundaries of ‘trend’, Escala’s German designs feature superb craftsmanship and intricate detail. These are inspiring, highly wearable and truly unique designs.

Our German designers

Abro, Ara, Paul Green, Peter Kaiser, Think!

Clothing has been called intimate architecture. We want to go beyond that. Issey Miyake


Dynamic and cutting-edge, Japanese fashion influences the world. It is artistic, wildly popular and hugely stylish. The best Japanese shoe designers regularly feature delicate details, quality materials and simple, yet stylish lines.

Our Japanese designers

Megumi Ochi

I can’t concentrate in flats.


London is synonymous with fabulous fashion, with shoes and accessories matched up with quintessential British ‘looks’, including tweeds and trench coats.  The modern classics, including famous brogues, with unusual colour combinations and textures, is where many London designers shine.

Our British designers

T&F Slack

People walk differently in high heels. Your body sways to a different kind of tempo.


Full of colour and passion, Spanish fashion is as vibrant as its food and culture. Spanish footwear is inspiring, whether its daring heels or the ultimate statement flats. And then there are the amazing colours …

Our Spanish designers:

Hispanitas, Lupo, Pertini, Pikolinos, Pinaz, Puntotres, Toni Pons

The difference between style and fashion is quality.


The birth place of ‘the little black dress’, Italian style oozes sex appeal, with a classic, monochrome colour palette and a focus on glamorous accessories. Beautifully designed and crafted shoes and boots complete the look.

Our Italian designers:

AchillePinto, Antonio Barbato, Aquatalia, Arriva, Casadei, Clarus, Doppler, Franco Ferrari, Gabriele, Guglielmo Rotta, Thierry Rabotin

A woman is closest to being naked when she is well dressed.


Sultry and effortless, Parisian footwear, like its fashion, offers women comfort and freedom of movement, with sophisticated, timeless style. All styles and heels epitomise French style, including kitten heels, killer heels and ballet flats.

Our French designers

Arche, France Mode